Nach dem Update der vorherigen Woche liefern die Macher ein neues Update nach. Es wurde u.a. die Traling Stop Funktion verbessert. Diese werden wir testen und dann berichten. Außerdem ist ein User-Forum geplant.

Die Original Email:


Hope all is well.

Just some announcements to make.

1. We are about to release another update. We are improving the trailing stop and putting in a trailing trigger. We made some tweaks to it, so it can help improve profits further. We will explain this all in the new manual.

2. Internal Control – We are implementing an internal control system this will compare your trades to that of how the robot intends to trade. If it notices something not matching, it will make a correction. This is our first step to helping fix the restart issue (NOTE: It does NOT fix the restart issue, but helps towards it. We are working to create a solution. I know some of you wanted it sooner, but we are doing our best and will try to create one.)

Some suggestions to avoid the robot losing control of trades: Do NOT change timeframes, settings, or restart mt4 while trades are open, and you should have no issues.

3. Trade Copier – I apologize for the delay on the trade copier, we don’t want it to have issues we are waiting on one change, then it will be ready.

4. News system – We are creating a page that will announce updates and other information about the robot.

5. Forum – We are planning a forum, where users can discuss optimization, settings, trades, etc. It will also allow everyone to communicate with us quickly. This will take some time, but we are planning it for members.

Thanks for being patient with us!

Forex Growth Bot Team