Die Macher des Forex Growth Bot haben eine neue Version rausgebracht. Immerwieder hatten Nutzer kritisiert das der Forex Growth Bot zwar schnell Gewinne macht diese aber oft wieder abgibt. Aufgrund dessen haben die Macher einen Trailing Stop hinzugefügt. Somit ist es möglich vorhandene Gewinne durch einen automatischen Stop abzusichern. Wir sind gerade dabei die neuen Features zu testen und werden gegeben falls für den direkten Vergleich die neue Version auf einem extra Konto testen. Dies möchten wir auch euch empfehlen! Bevor ihr die neue Version auf einem Echtgeld-Konto testet solltet ihr erst einen Backtest machen! Das Update erhaltet ihr im Kunden-Bereich.

Die Original Email:

Hi friends,

We’ve all been ancy with anticipation of the new update… WELL IT’S HERE.

You can now login to members area and download the update.

If you have Advanced or Power version please use the previous link you used.

If you do not have it e-mail us, please keep in mind we may respond slightly

delayed, but we will get to you.

This version has some new fixes and features, including Trail By Pips.

This one is important as it will help prevent those reversal loss trades!

Please take a quick look at the activation guide included as it’s now

simple to activate the robot and transfer the license (INSTANTLY!).

We were not able to finish one or two changes, including Internal compare

and such, we wanted to get this update out ASAP due to the pushing and requests ;).

BUT we are going to work hard on improving this update and hopefully get another

one out MUCH MUCH faster (maybe a few days, maybe a week or two).

This new update we hope to eliminate the restart issues as best we can.   This new update

should help some disconnect issues experienced and control lost of trades in certain


We know some of you are waiting patiently for the Trade Copier.. it is pretty much ready,

We were suppose to have it done today, but we decided to release this update first.

We are hoping to have the trade copier by tomorrow for those interested!

Thanks for your patience and we truly appreciate it!

Forex Growth Bot Team